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Welcome to PoC: Connect

Please click below to review our ‘members directory’ searchable by company or name, you can check out the ‘community message board’ for posts across the membership or connect directly via your private messages. You can also review all of our up-and-coming meetings across the platform by entering the Products of Change Online Meetings page. I look forward to connecting with you across the platform.


Members directory

Our global members directory can be search by company or name.  Please feel free to reach out to the community to say hi and share best practice.  


community messages

Our community message board is a here so you can share your thoughts, reach out for help and advice across all topics relating to sustainability.  Please tag your conversations by category or market so we can easily navigate the board. 

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Private messages

To build a direct relationship or share best practice you can send messages directly across the membership.  Click for your private inbox. 

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online meetings

We organise live meetings across the platform to cover multiple consumer product categories, territories and discuss specific subjects with experts. As a POC member you are invited to take part in these conversations or catch up with recordings being posted on the events page under past events.
You can share documentation and best practice, tag by category for others to follow the conversation or search for an expert to help with a specific request.
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